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KALVEY Technology was established on 18 August 2018, a day after Indonesia’s independence day, as a subsidiary of a technology company based in Singapore. Our vision is to promote and introduce the involvement of technology to help each other in carrying out daily activities, be it individual activities or business activities.
Be a friend with technology just like how you befriended your friend,-


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Delivering services accurately and on time with Hybrid Project Management Practice

Since the establishment of KALVEY, we have taken a project management approach that fits our company culture the best, which is Hybrid Project Management. With this methodology, we have succeeded in combining several methodologies to produce high quality output that are more accurate, on time and efficient. 

In addition to the methodology, we also streamline our projects by using proven technology to complete projects so that our clients can get what they entrust to us faster.

Our History

Does any industry face a more complex audience journey and marketing sales process than B2B technology.

2018 - Establishment

The establishment of KALVEY started with a small office. At this time, software development is the only service that KALVEY provides.

2019 - Partnership & Collaboration

In 2019, KALVEY began to intensify collaboration programs with several companies to expand its business to a wider area. This collaboration results in more services that can be offered such as automation system development, robotics, system integration, cloud computing and more.

2020 - Authorized Partner of Microsoft

Realizing that partnership is very important, KALVEY started to expand its wings and collaborated with Microsoft to provide better services for clients.

2021 - More Collaboration

KALVEY continuously adds to the list of partners to cooperate with each other and provide better services. Most recently, KALVEY has obtained permission from Alibaba Cloud to become an Alibaba Cloud ambassador which proves that KALVEY continues to grow from time to time.


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Where is KALVEY's office located?

Our office is located in one of the business district in Batam City, Indonesia.  


If you are planning to visit our office, we will suggest you to book a meeting schedule by phone or email before heading to our office so we can prepare ourselves in order to provide you a better meeting experience

Are the services you offer limited as listed on this website?

We understand that site visitors want to find out what services we offer so we write down the services we offer through this site.

However, of course there will be questions whether the services we offer are only limited to what is listed on our site?

The service that we put on this site is a service that has a fairly large scope. Let's take an example, which is System Development. In System Development, we provide software development based on mobile, web, desktop, cloud services and others. However, if we include these services on the site, it will make our site long so that visitors don't feel comfortable reading a lot of things.

I need X services, but I didn't see them on the site and don't know if you also provide X services or not?

If you have any questions regarding our service, please don't hesitate to contact us. You can contact us by phone, email, or by filling out the contact form. We will respond to all your questions in less than 24 hours.

Do you accept field surveys or meetings in our company?

Of course! We truly understand that there are things that can't be discussed clearly  just by email or phone call. Therefore we provide consulting services either through meetings, field surveys and others at no cost at all.

Do you offer opportunities to collaborate?

Yes! We are very open to any kind of business that wants to collaborate with us. If you want to collaborate, please contact us with a collaboration proposal and we will review your proposal.

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