kalveygroup.com Time flies very fast and now November is coming up. Soon there will be a change of year from 2021 to 2022. 

What do you think of when you hear the word November? Every time we hear the word November, we are always reminded of a digital event that happens annually. For those who don’t know, in November there are often large shopping events which are usually held by several marketplaces, e-commerce, and also online stores.

In other words, November 11 (11.11) is a global shopping event that brands and retailers around the world celebrate by slashing prices. Now, you would think, what is the correlation between 11.11 and technology? Let’s get to the point.

Alibaba Cloud 11.11 Cloud Service Sale

Yes, in commemoration of 11.11, Alibaba Cloud held a massive sale event for the cloud services they offer. Some of their services that gain prestige in this event are:

1. Elastic Computing
2. Storage Services
3. Networking Services
4. Service & Security
5. SMS and Middle Ware
6. Database, and more

The services are available for individual developer, small business and enterprise business. Each of the services are crafted to meets the client requirements.

  1. Free Trial & Discount For New Alibaba Cloud Users

  2. New user will also be able to benefit from this event. You can apply various services for free to try and test on their services before deciding whether you are going to use Alibaba Cloud or not. Furthermore, they have coupon that can be claimed by new users.
In addition to the promotions described above, there are many other promos on Alibaba Cloud specifically to commemorate November 11th. Don’t miss out on other promos and visit their site for more information.
For more information, visit their website