kalveygroup.com – In recent years, the use of email has become very common. Almost everyone has used email and it’s not uncommon for someone to use email every day to support their activities.

However, did you know that in sending email, it takes a good server to be able to send emails in large quantities? For basic use, we can use web hosting to send email. But if we need an email delivery service that can send hundreds to thousands of emails in one click, then the web hosting server will barely able to support you.

Fortunately there is a product from Alibaba Cloud, namely DirectMail. DirectMail is a service from Alibaba Cloud that provides a more stable and structured email management service. Direct Mail itself is a simple and efficient service if you want to send mass emails with very fast delivery times without requiring you to invest in hardware or email server which will certainly save you a lot of money.


Stated from their website, DirectMail provides you with multiple benefit that you can view on the image below:



DirectMail comes with multiple payment method, which is :
1. Pay-As-You-Go 
This payment method is one of the common method delivered by Alibaba Cloud. This plan will only charges you for the service you used. This payment method is flexible and this plan is very suitable for any business owner that doesn’t have exact range of mail that should be sent.

2. Resource Package
The second payment method is Resource Package, which have multiple categories starting from 50,000 messages to 5 million messages with multiple price. If you need more saving on the bill, you can choose this payment method as the price of this service is commonly cheaper than the Pay-As-You-Go method.


DirectMail supports API and SDK for developer. That means developer will be able to create custom system that is integrated with DirectMail using their API. Alibaba Cloud also provides SMTP Interface to manage SMTP settings.


DirectMail supports multiple application, mail queuing, mail schedule, data analytics report that contains number of mailing request, number of successfully sent emails, failed emails and more.