kalveygroup.com – Aside of Alibaba Cloud API, Alibaba Cloud also provides SDKs that will be able to let you develop software easily so you can integrate your customized system with Alibaba Cloud system. 

SDK stands for Software Development Kits that contains multiple resources such as Compiler, Code Samples, Libraries/Framework, Documentation and more. 

What does Alibaba Cloud SDK provide?

Alibaba Cloud SDK provides developer with multiple modules that can be adjusted based on your needs. Below is a list of modules comes with this SDK:

1. Elastic Computing
Elastic Computing consists of several smaller modules that covers ECS, Database, Storage & CDN, Analytics, Cloud Telecom, Networking, Management, Application Service, Aliware, Mobile Services, and Media Services

2. Big Data

Alibaba Cloud SDK for Big Data consists of Applications, Data Analytics & Visualization, AI, and Fundamental Services

3. Security
In the security section, it consists of Security Defense and Security Detection

4. Domains & Website

The SDK for Domains & Website consists of Domains, DNS, VPS, Web Hosting, and Alimail


Supported Programming Language

To our surprise, Alibaba Cloud SDK covers multiple programming language that is already well known in the development world. Below is the list of supported programming language for Alibaba Cloud SDK:

1. Java
2. Python
3. PHP
4. Microsoft .NET
5. C++
6. Node.js
7. Go Lang
8. Ruby

This wide range of programming language is a good news for developers that comes with different expertise. This will help developer to integrate Alibaba Cloud to their system without the restriction of programming language.