kalveygroup.com – Email management is an important process that cannot be separated from the corporate world. Whether it’s to send invoices, meeting requests, or to collaborate with third-party companies.

In general, email management is usually done together with hosting that comes with the purchase of a domain. Even though the email on the hosting is actually sufficient, we need to do several further steps independently to ensure that the email we send reaches its destination safely to avoid unwanted things. Well, if you don’t have time to handle the security that is in your email service now, we have a recommendation that might be suitable for you.

We found an email management product that is quite reliable, namely Alibaba Mail. Just for brief information, Alibaba Mail is the only email service provider in the industry that supports public cloud services and provides fast, secure, and stable services (Quoted from their website).

From the information we have collected, Alibaba Mail is one of the packages that is quite comprehensive because Alibaba Mail itself is integrated with various products such as email management, online calendar, and contact management. Furthermore, Alibaba Mail itself is integrated with one of the most widely used software by computer users, which is Microsoft Office Suite.

The price of Alibaba Mail is quite attractive. Why? You will be billed an amount equal to the number of accounts you currently have and the price starts from $3.99. They have two types of plans for Alibaba Mail, which is Standard Edition and Advanced Edition. The difference that we know now is that the Advanced Edition provides larger storage storage compared to the Standard Edition. You can see more information on the pricing plan below.

There are many advantages that we can get by using Alibaba Mail, such as removing the limit on the number of emails that can be sent per hour as is often limited by hosting providers and other email services. Considering that Alibaba Mail is a product of Alibaba Cloud, I think there is no need to doubt the infrastructure of Alibaba Mail because Alibaba Cloud has proven to be able to handle infrastructure very well. The following is a complete explanation of the benefits offered by Alibaba Mail.

What do you think? Is Alibaba Mail the right product for your current business? Or do you have experience in using Alibaba Mail? Please comment below