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Introduction to Alibaba Cloud API

Introduction to Alibaba Cloud API

kalveygroup.com – Cloud computing is a technology that has been worldwide and is currently very widely used by various companies. In cloud computing itself, there is an API that functions to manage cloud resources and also to launch your application.  What is API? FYI, API stands for Application Programming Interface,.

Is Alibaba Cloud suitable for your business?

kalveygroup.com – Talking about Alibaba Cloud, of course we must have heard of e-commerce like AliExpress and Alibaba. Both of these e-commerce platforms are of course supported by Alibaba Cloud. In 2020, at the 11.11 global event, Alibaba broke the record for most purchases as reported in the following article..

New Batch of Alibaba Cloud MVP Open Now! Apply by August 27th, 2021

Previous days ago, we got an information from Alibaba Cloud representative through email about Alibaba Cloud MVP Award. This is how the email looks like If you have trouble viewing the image, this is what the representatives said about Alibaba Cloud MVP: The next deadline for MVP application is Aug 27, 2021. If you want to apply for MVP, please submit your application by the deadline via the MVP page:https://mvp.alibabacloud.com/?spm=5176.11423387.header.1.37fb569a0n4D6P You are also encouraged to nominate tech experts who are familiar with Alibaba Cloud and have contribution to the community. Any questions please feel free to let us know. It’s your chance now! Apply now.