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Have you heard about the Elastic Compute Service provided by Alibaba Cloud? In short, ECS is a tangible form of IaaS or commonly referred to as Infrastructure as a Service.

ECS from Alibaba Cloud removes the need for a company or individual to invest in IT hardware that is expensive and requires regular maintenance. Elastic in terms of ECS itself really works according to its name where you can elastically choose the specifications of the computing resources you need. With ECS, you can easily adjust specifications ranging from CPU, Memory, OS, Network configuration to disk size.

As an illustration, here is the architecture of the ECS components on Alibaba Cloud

Source: What is ECS? – Product Introduction| Alibaba Cloud Documentation Center

ECS from Alibaba Cloud itself also has excellent features such as:

  • Flexible Purchasing Options
    ECS has several purchase methods that you can customize to your needs
  • Auto Scaling
    This is one of their unique feature, you can create an Autoscaling group and your ECS instances in the group can automatically scale-out or scale-in according to the metrics or triggers or your choice such as CPU utilization or network utilization.
  • Auto Provisioning
    Auto Provisioning makes it easier for you to take advantage of preemptible instances. It will automatically pick the instances across instance families, availability zones and purchasing models according to your strategy such as ‘lowest cost’ and utilize preemptible instances as much as possible to maintain you ECS fleet at your desired capacity.
  • CPU Options
    ECS allows you to turn off hyperthreading that is beneficial to certain workloads such as HPC. ECS also allows you to shut down certain amount of vCPUs in order to save licensing costs.
  • Dedicated Host Clusters
    ECS provides Dedicated Host Clusters (DDH) so that the physical servers are dedicated to you without other tenants on it. You can place your virtual machines onto those servers according to your needs.
  • Free Commercial Software for use on Alibaba Cloud ECS Instances
    Alibaba Cloud Marketplace includes a set of free and commercial software from global famous vendors that you can run on your ECS instances such as Schlix, Fortinet, SQL Server, Microweber CMS, etc. You can check on the detail here
  • Multiple Operating Systems Selection
    When you try to setup your ECS, you can select the OS that fits your requirements. It has Microsoft, Alibaba Cloud Linux, SUSE Linux Enterprise, etc.

Now you definitely want to know the cost of ECS right? You must think that this will be very expensive, right? Fortunately Alibaba Cloud provides several purchasing options as a form of flexibility. You can choose from the Savings Plan package, Pay-As-You-Go which only charges you with the resources you use, Subscriptions that can be adjusted whether it’s monthly to yearly, to Reserved Instances. You can find the detail of the purchasing options on the image below:

Source: Elastic Compute Service (ECS): Elastic & Secure Cloud Servers – Alibaba Cloud

With so many excellent features and attractive purchasing options, are you interested in trying it? Let us know what you think about Alibaba Cloud ECS in the comments!