kalveygroup.com – As we have stated before in our previous post, which you can find it in Introduction to Alibaba Cloud API, we will dicuss how to generate AccessKey in Alibaba Cloud.

What is AccessKey?

AccessKey is a unique key that will be used as a credential whenever you want to access API. It’s very similar with username and password concept which is required before you can do any transaction in a website that has login system such as Alibaba Cloud. With an AccessKey, you will be able to initiate API requests, use Alibaba Cloud SDK to manage your resources such as to create new instances, retrieve information, and more. Accesskey consists of AccessKey ID and AccessKey secret.

Before creating AccessKey, we’d like to let you know that:

1. AccessKey ID should be kept safely and it is a confidential information. Please do not share the AccessKey ID to a stranger or non-related person as it could cause an security issue for your Alibaba Cloud Resources

2. The AccessKey is used as a identifier for each user. Therefore, please refer to point number 1.

Generating AccessKey

To generate AccessKey, it is very simple and you won’t believe that it is actually very user friendly. Please follow the procedure below:

1. Log in to Alibaba Cloud and access AccessKey Console. You should see this page if you are already logged in to Alibaba Cloud system.